PUR panel laminating machine MF1220

Equipment appearance

PUR panel laminating machine is used in furniture, cabinets, doors, new building materials, and other areas of PUR laminating machine, PUR appressed machine, PUR laminating machine, PUR coating machine, PUR panel appressed machine, fire-proof panel laminating machine, wood plastic board laminating machine and glass magnesium panel laminating machine.

PUR panel laminating machine range of application

Apply to on the surface of MDF, particleboard, PVC foam board, glass magnesium board, wood plastic panels, plywood, honeycomb panels to covered acrylic, fire-proof board, PVC board, metal panels and other decorative sheet or PVC film, PET film, wood and other decorative membrane.

Widely used in furniture, cabinets, doors, new building materials and other fields.

Benefits of using PUR panel laminating machine for the customer

  • Improve efficiency, after lamination glue them online instant bond, no longer need to press machine to lamination.
  • High adhesive strength, higher than the existing oil and water-based glue.
  • Temperature resistance is up to 120 ℃.
  • Good water resistance and solvent resistance,paint resistance.
  • Environmental protection, in line with international standards.

Technical parameters

  • Maximum lamination width : 1220mm
  • panel thickness: 2~50 mm
  • Conveying speed: 1~25 m/min
  • Total power: 56 kw
  • Weight: 3500 kg

PUR hot melt adhesive introduction

PUR (Polyurethane Reactive), Chinese called the moisture curing reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive. Is the main component of isocyanate terminated polyurethane prepolymer. After heating at high temperature stats, PUR adhesive molecules with air or glued on the water or the active hydrogen substances react to form cross-linked network structure, the bonding strength, chemical resistance, heat resistance, hydrolysis resistance is better than general hot melt adhesive. PUR adhesion and toughness (elastic) can be adjusted, with ordinary hot melt thermoplastic cold bonding performance, simple operation, wide range of material properties, gel adjustable. PUR adhesive is ammonia ester containing polar and chemical reactivity in the molecular structure of (-NHCOO-) or isocyanate (-NCO), and containing active hydrogen material, such as wood, leather surface, fabric, paper, ceramics and other porous materials and plastic, metal, glass, rubber and other materials are clean excellent adhesion. In recent years, has become one of the most important varieties of adhesive industry, is now widely used in wood processing, packaging, automotive, textile, machinery, aerospace and other fields of national economy.

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