Fabric-film solvent-free hot melt laminating machine

PUR hot melt machine PF-1800using solvent-free environment-friendly PUR hot melt adhesive, to fit the cloth and cloth, laminating cloth and thin films of various market needs. The laminating product is non-toxic, adhesion and flexibility is good, high and low temperature resistance, moisture after reaction was hardly affected by temperature, durable elasticity, wear-resisting, oil resistance, anti aging. In addition, PUR has excellent matte effect, low precipitation substance and neutral color features, can be applied to duplicate the sterilization of medical products. Loss of finished composite PUR hot melt machine PF-1800 with lower rates and higher color fastness to washing. PUR hot melt machine PF-1800 can completely replace the traditional solvent laminating equipment, production process does not use flammable and toxic solvent .

PF -1800 technical parameter:

  • Maximum Material Width:1650mm
  • Machine Roller Width:1800MM
  • Machine Speed :0-30M/min
  • Machine Size (L*W*H)9900mm*3300mm*3200mm
  • Heat conducting oil heating power:24KW and 12KW adjustable hot oil circulation in 180 ℃ (MAX)
  • Total power :60KW
  • Power supply:380V 50Hz
  • Gross weight of equipment:7500KG

PF-1800 device characteristics

Equipment control using programmable PLC design and man-machine interface control, user-friendly operation, easy maintenance, no tension feeding device, with a heating cycle system, convenient to control the glue temperature and stability, bonding materials and finished products can use central coiling or surface selection mode, glue for dispensing and comprehensive coating two kinds of options

PUR hot melt machine PF-1800 production diagram:

PUR hot melt machine PF-1800 production diagram

PF-1800 equipment characteristics

  1. The PUR hot melt glue do not contain solvents, is an ideal green environmental protection glue.
  2. The products have no residual solvent, produces no pollution emissions, save energy, cover an area of an area small;
  3. Composite solid reaction process of wet, irreversible, adhesion strong resistance wash fastness good;
  4. The PUR hot melt adhesive has no water and solvent,without drying, compound speed;
  5. Resin agglutinant, with provinces, save the cost;
  6. The compound process full linkage control, base material without stretching, qualitative light, soft, feeling good;
  7. Heat source for hot oil, quickly heating, heat evenly;
  8. Melt system independence, melt full speed;
  9. Dot net glue,finished have good air permeability,good stereoscopic effects.
  10. The machine humanized design, saves the operator;
  11. With small amounts of diversified production design, save cost, digital control system, make the operation more good.

PF - 1800 operation control panel:

PF - 1800 operation control panel

PF - 1800 man-machine touch screen configuration

PF - 1800 man-machine touch screen configuration

NO.  Name Function Note
1 Man-machine interface dialog box Man-machine interface control Note:Inside the machine process at work
2 Power start button Power on Note:Electrical control box after closing, press this button to open the power supply
3 Equipment running start button Press equipment machine runs
4 Accelerate button Improve equipment operating speed Note: According to the process to improve the operating speed
5 Backpressure wheel switch Backpressure control wheel fit Note: fit backpressure control wheel, if pressed into or out exit
6 Electric eye adjustment switch Control electric eye correction and move around Note: adjust the width of the fabric according to the electric eye position
7 Power off button Turn off the power Note: Please turn off the power shutdown
8 Stop button Stop the machine running equipment
9 Spin-down button Reduce equipment operating speed Note: According to the process to reduce the operating speed
10 Fit wheel switch Control fit round Note: The control wheel fit, whether depressed or disengaged rise fit
11 Emergency stop switch Emergency stop button Note: The production runs, quickly press this button when an abnormal condition occurs, the production run will be fully shut down.Lifting methods: hand dial clockwise button, the button will pop-up automatically reset.
Before lifting shutdown state, you must first confirm the abnormal condition has been ruled out of line downtime
12 Equipment malfunction indicator Display device without exception
13 Temperature adjustment switch Before bonding temperature adjustment Note: Use when you need to adjust the temperature
14 Before bonding temperature display The machine control shows the temperature Note: PV area displays the current temperature
15 Tension fit the display Tension machine control display Note: PV area shows the current tension fit
16 Equipment lighting switch Lighting control equipment
17 Attention Button boot Press the device alarm bells Note: After the staff in place, please press the button before the device starts

PF-1800 man-machine touch control panel:

1. when the equipment to complete the supply opening action is ready, man-machine touch screen will be displayed on the built-in control menu, you can select the directory function point contact pre change sub table, the screen will display the touch screen to choose the directory dialog box, you can select the required function table, you also in the condition set menu, determine the production of mature and stable, the production state input, has become a standard of your production condition function table, a total of five sets of memory conditions inside the function table, can be repeated using memory CALL.

2. The function of memory input method for in determining the production status, touch screen above the selected directory above the "file access" directory five sets of memory function table selection, when you touch the selected menu groups after the screen will switch to ITEN, NAME, and then touch the subdirectory of words box, you will you are asked to enter a function table name, the key point of the following touch input function table name, complete input and press ENT, the screen will ask you to confirm, in touch screen YES button, switch to touch the "file access" button, which completes the function table file. Please use the touch "in use". (as shown below)

3. Picture on the left below the choice set production equipment mechanism process drive option, touch each directory switch the option selected adjustment function

A. motor drive, touch the subdirectory that is: "ON" or "OFF". (as shown below)

B. wheel speed adjustment, by touch  can change the speed of each wheel. Touch: "tension" "proportion" in the tension control and proportional control 2 working state and down switching

C. clearance adjustment (as shown below)

D. paste board set (as shown below)

E. machines work, and provides the "tension - proportional" 2 function selection. (as shown below)

F. rolled out EPC control (as shown below)

G. rolled out EPC control (as shown below)

H. coiling electric control (as shown below)

I. gluing wheel cleaner (as shown below)

Dot roller lines divided multiple choice, grain shape and depth according to customers' different demands tailored

PF-1800 operation notice

  1. The operator only in fully familiar with the machine , master the machine performance, working principle of the equipment ,then can operate the machine . The equipment must have special operation person ,non operation personnel can't open, touch.
  2. Check the cables, circuit breakers, contactors, motor and other electric appliances to meet the requirements of the pre production.
  3. Production should be checked before the three-phase power supply is not balanced, no phase starting equipment.
  4. Production period should check the rotating joint is safe, the pipeline is smooth, without damage, leakage, and to exclude in time.
  5. Pre- production should open the hot oil machine , when the temperature rose to process temperature, can production. Pre- production should check the pressure gauge pressure is normal, gas path without leakage, and timely repair
  6. Check fastening situation of each of the junction of pre production, there is no loosening, shed off the phenomenon, and timely repair.
  7. Production equipment in large quantities, should do first small-scale test, if successful .then mass production.
  8. Pre production, should check the hydraulic station, reducer, bearing box, screw lubrication, filling of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil should be timely and correctly.
  9. The machine stops ,must be timely cleaning tank and scraping accessories, roller, cleaning machine parts residue and dirt, to prepare for the next use.
  10. No corrosive liquids and roller contact, at all times to ensure that each driving roller surface clean and free of foreign body.
  11. Oil machine prohibit piling up debris, maintain and around the machine oil clean and free of foreign body moment. Working oil machine, it is forbidden to touch by hand delivery pipe.

PF-1800 care and maintenance

  1. reducer used every six months should replace the oil one time
  2. Hot oil machine every six months should be replaced 350# oil one time
  3. Hydraulic tank every six months should be replaced with N46 or N32 anti-wear hydraulic oil one time
  4. Every month check the oil hydraulic oil tank, oil tank, remove grease, removing impurity, add the lubricating oil and heat conducting oil
  5. Bearing, screw every shift lubricating oil
  6. Every time after shutdown, should be timely cleaning tank and scraping accessories, roller, cleaning machine parts residue and dirt
  7. Chains should to be checked per shift and ensure the normal lubrication and timely tension
  8. Per shift to check all the connecting parts, fasteners are loose and lost, and timely fastening
  9. Per shift check the pump, oil cylinder, electromagnetic valve, distributing valve, whether there is leakage pipe connection

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