Artificial turf , carpet pu back glue equipment

Two component glue mixing machine SH-15

Equipment Name: two component glue mixing machine

Equipment version: SH-15

Two component glue mixing machine is high precision mixing equipment which is applied to polyurethane (PU) adhesive ,coating ,and slurry etc.The complete machine is PLC automatic control,best quality flowmeter and mixing head .Applied to the fild of artificial grass.carpet Pu back glue.solvent free plastic-plastic glue mixing .solvent free synthetic leather mixed feeding .two component adhesive mixing automation .etc.

Two-component mixing machine equipment appearance

Brief introduction of artificial turf glue . carpet pu back glue technology

The difference between PU back glue and waterbase back glue

In the process of back glue for artificial grass and carpet , styrene butadiene latex, acrylic latex, VAE latex water-based back glue , because of its convenience, lower prices, access to a large number of application in china. But because the water resistance is poor ,feel bad after useing waterbased back glue , so get a lot of PU back glue used in foreign countries. some leading enterprises of artificial grass and carpet, standing in the height of industrial upgrading, also be active in the application of PU bak glue .

Concept of PU back glue

PU back glue full name: polyurethane two component reactive adhesive. A group was divided into OH (oxhydryl)part, and in accordance with the requirements of customers to add pigment(usually black). B group was divided into NCO (isocyanate) part. General two-component mixture ratio is 4~8:1. Two component polyurethane adhesive after curing, will become the polyurethane rubber, has excellent strength, water resistance and very good feeling. In the 135g backer cloth, 900 grams / square meters glue case, the pull-out strength is 10 N / end, far more than the waterbased back glue pull-out strength and the requirements of national standard.

PU back glue equipment modification:

Such as the overall purchase PU back glue line, it costs much .So add a PU back glue two-component mixing machine on the raw waterbase back glue production line, only putting the PU back glue two-component mixing machine of the dispensing head position can be modified in the raw head.It’s investment is small, and PU back glue and water base glue can switch back and forth.

Main characteristics of PU back glue product

  • High withdrawal force
  • High water resistance
  • Good feeing

Features of two-component glue mixing machine

  1. PLC automation control system
  2. The most accurate flowmeter torealize real-time traffic control online.
  3. Up to 5000 rpm speed mixing head, to achieve accurate mixing.
  4. Automatic cleaning function.
  5. Automatic ultrasonic measurement function.
  6. Physical foaming function
  7. Free setting of mixing ratio and adhesive quantity .

Two-component mixing glue machine control panel diagram and functional:

The first step: press the start button, touch screen to enter the initial operation of the screen (Figure 1), carefully observe the "A /B" is the proportion of the material setting glue supplier requirements ratio, such as confirmation, directly on the middle set the "OK" key, the proportion set to end. If you need to modify the A /B data set ratio, (as shown in Figure 5 and 6) to authorized personnel use the password to enter, and then set.


The second step: setting percentage and press OK, the system will enter the quantity of glue setting (Figure 2), the setting is finished or no need to change, according to the "OK" button.


The third step: 1, confirmed the two boot parameters, the system automatically into the picture (Figure 3), press the "stop" icon below the equipment "start button" button, press the "equipment into the return status; material measuring stop" beneath "start button" button, the program defaults to a 30 second cup of weight measurement. Such as the need to modify the cup measuring time, please press "1" to set the parameters, to authorized personnel use the password to enter, and then set, (Figure 4).

2, After passing the measuring cup, press the "stop" icon below the mixed gum "start button" button, then the rubber mixing machine begin to work.

3, When need to end the glue mixing machine working, press the "open" icon below the mixed gum "stop button" button, then the mixing machine stop gum, into the return status. Stop button "button press" open "mixing" icon below, control system will automatically start a cleaning program in 10 minutes. To change this time, please press "1" to set the parameters, to authorized personnel use the password to enter, and then set, (Figure 4).

4, When need to close all the glue mixing machine working , based on the above operation, press the "equipment" beneath "stop button" button, then return to work after. (must be manual or automatic cleaning equipment, stop button to play)





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